Viva La Juicy Couture iPad and iPhone Cases!

Trend Mafia June 2, 2012 0
Viva La Juicy Couture iPad and iPhone Cases!

We can never get enough of Juicy Couture. Not just because of their stylish clothing
and accessories, but also because of their stylish gadget accessories.
We’re talking the likes of BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone 3G cases, speakers, laptop bags
and more. Well, now they have finally come out with a case for iPhone 4.
The Viva La Juicy iPhone 4 Case is pink and it is covered in the words
“JUICY / EAT / CANDY / VIVA / LA” on the outside.

Meanwhile the inside has the other version of the Juicy Couture logo with the two royal pups.
The Viva La Juicy iPhone 4 case retails for $39.99


Having a hard time? Or having a hard iPad case? From Juicy Couture comes
the Viva La Juicy Electronics Hard iPad Case. This case is a BRIGHT Passion Pink
that will sweeten your iPad like a candy coating. This exciting eye-candy will set you out from all the other bleaker cases.
Take your iPad with you in style.

Your iPad is not complete without a few accessories and this Passion-ate case is the perfect one.
Whether you’re on the town or in the office you’ll need protection and what better way
then mixing fun fashion and ultimate protection.Coming from Juicy Couture, you can’t go wrong.


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