Radar, Into The Pocket!

Trend Mafia July 22, 2012 0
Radar, Into The Pocket!

An application developed for the iPhone and Android phones, as well as aircraft and screened the ships such as radar. Many people think that plugs into the eye in the sky glide planes, the first questions from the question “I wonder where do you fly?” at the beginning. It exposes software companies for smartphones developed an application called “FlightRadar24 Pro”. After you start the application, the software who holds camera phones are going through at that time, the aircraft’s route, Skywards, tail number, model and find out instantly where the height.

iPhone and iPhone version 2. 39 euros and sold in the Android version 2 of the application. 49 euros and can be obtained. Similar functions for the ships, the “MarineTraffic” application developer at software companies, this practice is often the way to the harbor and beaches seem to delight those Who fall. 2.99 version of iPhone applications sold in euros, as a free download smart phones running operating system Andoroid. Those who run the application to a ship at sea, the ship’s name at the time, and the route that you can learn the flags of the country in which. The application provides information such as length and width than that, and various photographs of the vessels show.
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