Lytro; Alleged Revolution in Photography

ThaliaOlaru August 8, 2012 0
Lytro; Alleged Revolution in Photography

Lytro, is seen in the photography world with a groundbreaking product. The claim, made since the invention of photography in the form of which he is the greatest change in. The device is able to carry more data than conventional machines, increase the range and clarity. Traditional cameras have color and light through the lens forms the image by measuring the. Lytro adds a new dimension to the light and in which direction it is moving all the points of light rather than understand and grasp a single point is a noticeable expansion in the field of detecting and providing clarity.

Red, white and blue machine with 8GB and 16GB capacity models. 8GB model, $ 399, 16GB model is $ 499. Lytro most noticeable with the unusual shape, no doubt, will lead to a significant change in the world of photography.

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