Great Meeting!

ThaliaOlaru August 8, 2012 0
Great Meeting!

The Famous rapper Eminem has recently announced that he performed a duet  together with Lady Gaga in his new album.

The real name is Marshall Mathers who is eminem, guest Lady gaga his new album an they saved a song which name is Street Lights.

They came together in Street Light and their fans will be suprised very much beacuse Eminem refer to Lady gaga in his song which name is A Kiss.

Lines in the release include: “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office, she’s still a male lady, wouldn’t f**k her with her d**k.”

He also looked less than pleased when he was given the task of presenting the Born This Way singer with a VMA award for Best New Artist back in 2009.

However he did later claim that the lyrics were just a joke and he thought that Gaga, 26, was “dope” and “an incredible talent”.

Eminem, 39, recently announched that he is writing and recording his as yet untitled eighth studio album.

Last week he became the most “Liked” star on Facebook, with over 60million fans supporting his page on the social networking site.

Between them the pair have the world of social media totally dominated, with Gaga already holding the coveted title of Queen of Twitter having racked up over 25million followers.

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