World’s Most Expensive One-bedroom Apartment !

ThaliaOlaru July 5, 2012 0
World’s Most Expensive One-bedroom Apartment !

With an astonishing asking price of  $21.1 million, this Tokyo pad is the most expensive one-room apartment in the world.
Dubbed “The House”, the luxury penthouse is located in the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo, the Minami-Azabu district.
Featuring 4,434 square feet of living space, the owner spent the past 18 months renovating it to become a live-in masterpiece.
In the living room is an original art piece by Hiroshi Senju painted on-site. Most of the furniture in the home is custom designed by Ceccotti Collezioni, as well as Italian imported stone and wood used for many of the walls, flooring, and doors.
The dining room is designed for dinner parties in the special Japanese “Ryotei” syle where the chef can serve guests directly from the gourmet kitchen.
There is also a separate casual dining room with the Parisian-style terrace overlooking the peaceful Arisugawa Park. The bright and cheerful eat-in kitchen is fitted with all La Cornue appliances.
The one and only bedroom boasts an extensively fitted walk-in closet space and an extremely luxurious bathroom with hot tub and a 60 inch television.
Also, from the entrance down the long hallway, the walls open up as a massive shoe storage unit that holds up to 200 pairs of shoes.
The focal point of this amazing home is the courtyard garden. The corridor surrounding it is designed as a lounge space for guests to enjoy the charming seasonal garden.

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