The World’s Most Expensive Office Tower !

ThaliaOlaru July 5, 2012 0
The World’s Most Expensive Office Tower !

New York Manhattan twin towers September 11 terror attacks in the area in the scene where the World Trade Center building, built 105-storey One not yet completed 2.4 billion charge was one of the world’s most expensive office building with the tag.

The building of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which is the world’s longest, It was 1.5 billion.The Wall Street Journal newspaper, construction delays due to unexpected expenses that lasted for 10 years, and the building costs increased by 3.8 billion dollars from 700 million dollars more.

Special Security Measures

New York and New Jersey port administrations that increases the costs of the building made by the head of the security spending among the reasons. The decision was taken on a podium of the building and the elevator shall upgrades area of thick concrete and steel products in a mixture of even spacing.

Will not be a profitable investment in the short and medium term of the building all the time is the rental activities is going fast. Publishing company Conde Nast, the u.s. Government and in the case of a Chinese chartered real estate firm near the building in half.


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