Jaguar Leaping Cat Motorbike

Trend Mafia July 25, 2012 0
Jaguar Leaping Cat Motorbike

The bike’s basic structure is made of high-grad stainless steel and finished in high glossy ebony lacquer. The beast is powered by the Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt with a top speed which is of about 50mph and sports stingray skin seats. The bike is priced at £320,000 (about $567,000), and Hemmes is currently in talks with Jaguar about using the motorcycle for branding purposes. The leaping cat is the first of the artist’s concept drawings based on automaker trademarks to be brought to life.

The engine has a soothing purr, but we will need superior cat-like reflexes to handle this magnificent beast. The only problem is that it appears that it will be difficult to see the road ahead of us over the bodywork! Whether you like it or you hate it, you have got to be impressed by the workmanship. And as it turns out, the builders of the bike were so pleased with their creation that Hemmes is currently working on a new concept, a bull shaped motorcycle that the Red Bull Energy drink lovers would certainly love.

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