China Builds a Luxury Underground Hotel !

ThaliaOlaru July 5, 2012 0
China Builds a Luxury Underground Hotel !

Amazed by those who see a hotel built in China.
Awestruck onlookers built hotel in China itself.
Book a room in a luxury hotel, excitement, even in humans, the project of God is located in the foothills of the Mountain and the old quarry area 100 meters depth.
Surrounded by a large theme park around the hotel, located on the third, under the ground floor of the next 19 to 16 times.
380 room will be a place to find underwater restaurant.
It was built about 50 kilometres outside the city of Shanghai, the hotel is 320 dollars 1 night cost to start.
British design of the hotel expected to open in 2014 or 2015.

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