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The best part of any wedding is without a doubt the honeymoon. Just ask any bride or groom. Not only is it the first trip a couple embarks on together as husband and wife, it also symbolizes a commitment to one another. But once all the wedding details are in place, the next step is deciding where to go. With seven continents, countless countries, and waves of oceans and seas, the decision making can seem daunting.

But, just like anything else in life, all it takes is some good planning on your part. Island and beach resorts are a natural for honeymooners, but if you don’t see yourselves in this setting then it’s time to do some serious thinking. What do you and your beloved enjoy? Do you yearn for a bucolic setting and long horseback rides or a night on the town at some five-star restaurant? Once you decide on what type of honeymoon you want, choosing a destination and a place to rest your head is a lot easier than you think.


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