Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

ThaliaOlaru September 23, 2012 0
Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture

The connection to Pop Art in Steve’s new work remains strong. Using images and words taken from actual propaganda posters from a variety of countries and put them together in graphically interesting ways. In some ways propaganda appeals to the lowest common denominator in any country in the same way as flashy ad campaigns or cartoon strips, they work best if the viewer reacts without thinking too much. Each country calls up patriotic fervor to defend the motherland and its way of life. Each country calls for the support of its citizens for the army and a common goal. In the 1960’s Andy Warhol used images of Chairman Mao as part of a wildly successful capitalist, market-driven campaign to rule the “art world”, thus creating an amazing and lasting bit of visual irony.

this works is meant to be read on multiple levels, but at the same time enjoyed simply as a well crafted object. If I have really done my job well, then my work will enter the world of commodity and be purchased as art, thus creating the final link in the chain of reference.


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