Rihanna’s Happy Life !

ThaliaOlaru June 24, 2012 0
Rihanna’s Happy Life !

Rihanna’s life getting more better than her old life because of her new lover Drake !
The famous couple is known next couple like JayZ & Beyonce !
The name of music world sexy Rihanna, was out of control when she loved with Chris Brown and she always driking so much.
Terminating the relationship between 2009, beautiful singer who is beaten by Chris Brown, she want a relationship for  putting  the path of life.
According to descriptions of surroundings Rihanna, looking at the end of the rescuer gets.
Beautiful singer for a while, flirting with singer Drake.
Famous singer, following the entry into Drake’s life took a step to solve the problem of alcohol, began to disappear at parties, and less left over sexy dress.
Rihanna In Touch speaks of a friend, “Drake, the best thing that happened to him. If her crazy behaviors going on, Her music career was going bad. Now they will be like JayZ & Beyonce in the future  “says.
Rihanna was drinking alchol to forget her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna was starting in the early hours of the morning and all day drinking And beacuse of this Young star was removed several times in the hospital.
Due to the alcohol and crazy parties and involved in territorial who is Rihanna’s manager was concerned that this situation will bring the end of young stars. People said that ” Rihanna is living like Britney Spears’s situation.


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