Use of Cosmetics !

ThaliaOlaru September 3, 2012 0
Use of Cosmetics !

Mascara: Mascara maximum of 4 months of life. Mascara brush and bottle collects during the use of micro-organisms leads to the eyes. For this reason you should not be longer life mascaras.

Powder: Powder long lifetime. Powder can be used for 3 years. Be protected in the closet because it is rich in minerals.

Lipstick: life is one year.

Body Milk: Life 1 year. Body milk for dry skin, which is longer than the life of the fact that they include more water.

Sun Oil and Milk: life of these products for 6 months. Rely on these products are exposed to heat over a summer at the beach.

Day Cream: This cream-life is 9 months. Daily moisturizers may be retained for 1 year.Formulas plant extracts, amino acid ones life 9 months speculation.

Tonic: tonic life is 6 months. Order not to spread dust and make-up cotton placed the bottle in her mouth emptied tonic.

Lip Pencil 36 months.

Creams 6 months.

Foundation 12 months.

Perfume 24-36 months.


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