The Body Shop Deodry

ThaliaOlaru September 3, 2012 0
The Body Shop Deodry

The Body Shop Deodry volcanic minerals, fortified and thus preventing the smell of sweat for up to 24 hours! Very ambitious, isn’t it?

Many people prefer natural products and beauty care are more and more in. Made it an ideal product to meet the needs DeoDry. Other deodorants such as aluminum salt and does not contain paraben, but equally provides dryness and odor control, but does not stain clothing white.

Roll-on or stick format to choose from, there is also the option of three different smell of deodorant. & Breezyve & & Cool, Chilled Fresh Zesty Floral

Dry Deo Roll-on deodorants as well as to be capable of refilling. You could spare tube and the original roll-on box in this manner, you can help protect the environment without packaging scraps.


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