Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30

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Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30

Dermalogica, you take control of biochemical reactions that cause skin aging Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 for the high-tech wrinkle the skin, staining, dehydration, elasticity and combat signs of aging such as loss of power leads.

Do not underestimate the winter sun. One of the most important causes of premature aging is overexposure to the sun unprotected. Way to prevent this is to use a product going through the summer and winter sun filtered. Category of anti-aging care line Dermalogica Age Smart ™ Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 day moisturizer, specially formulated to control skin aging, while at the same time the greatest enemy of the skin with sunscreen SPF30 protects against.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30, a premature signs of aging rather than fix them after you specify formations before taking control of. Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), white tea, vitamin C and licorice root, while helping to neutralize free radicals and, glucosamine, soy protein, vitamin E and specific peptides also supports the skin’s collagen.

Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30, artificial fragrance and colorant-free sunscreen with a special formula and also the skin, while avoiding the harmful effects of sunlight to the skin, providing long-term skin hydration and elasticity and help maintain the natural structure of.

Usage: After cleaning the skin, as a daily moisturizer is applied over entire face and neck. Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.


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