Adriana Lima’s Biggest Beauty Secrets

ThaliaOlaru June 7, 2012 0
Adriana Lima’s Biggest Beauty Secrets

The sexiest model of Victoria’s Secret is Adriana Lima, dazzling with perfect body, plump lips, green eyes and bronze skin. What is secret of this beauty? Let’s look at.

Baby Skin

An interview; “complicated skin care products must not use together. I usually just use moisturizer and protective use before sun exposure must also be.” Lima said, have a healthier skin.But Lima, first started to emerge in the aging symptoms. Lima; starts to occur after the age of 30 if wrinkles Anti-Ageing creams will begin to use with humidifier also.

Make-up Technique

A famous Brazilian model Adriana Lima in full the first time you look at her eyes and lips. Usually in shades of dark red lips, eyes taken with a thin eyeliner is polishing machines-tail line prefers voicing her eye color and the plump lips of beautiful bronze fore more.

Shiny Hair

Adriana Lima slightly wavy hair shoulder-length cut, with a very sexy look. Storey part of the beautiful model who prefer to bring your hair density, copper, bronze tones shaded brown hair makes her skin so fair a great fit. Lima, a slight waves in your hair, giving often is expressed using.

Slim Silhouette

Victoria’s Secret runways and the world’s attention with amazing body, regarded as one of the sexiest women Lima, did not make that a problem such as weight gain and diet is often expressed. But she was doing sports regularly to stay in shape. Moreover, the preference is a very different sport. Lima is trying to stay fit by making boxing.


What’s in Lima’s makeup bag?

M.A.C Pigment 

Givenchy Radiccally No Surgetics, 

Sisley Phyto Touche Dud,

Clinique Sweet Rouge,

Wella High Hair Leave It Long Cream,

Sephora Air Volume Repair Conditioner.


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